When to Review your Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto insurance is usually paid by the year or half a year. When your policy renewal time arrives, you will get a package from your insurer. The front page is usually the declaration page. This page contains most of the information you need to know about your policy. It tells you who is named on the policy, the amount of liability coverage, and any other coverage that you may have. At Brevard Insurance Agency Inc in Brevard, NC, we have an experienced team who will work very hard to make sure your insurance fits your needs and your wallet. 

When your policy renews

The ideal time to review your auto policy is when you have the declaration page right in front of you. You may find you need to raise the liability limit, depending on your financial situation. If your vehicle has a meager value, you may need to consider whether collision and comprehensive coverage are necessary. The deductible can also be considered. 

When you change vehicles

When you purchase a new or used vehicle or sell a vehicle you currently have on your policy, it is a good opportunity to review your current coverage and make sure it is adequate for your needs. A newer vehicle requires complete coverage than one that is worth only a small amount. 

When a driver needs to be added or removed 

When you add or remove a driver, this is another time when it is wise to look over the amount of coverage you have. When you have a teen driver, adding additional liability insurance and complete coverage is a practical addition. 

Auto insurance is something that needs to change as your life changes. Reviewing it frequently is good for the security of your financial situation. 

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