The 101 on Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is additional insurance that offers protection beyond the existing limits and coverage of other policies you may have. It’s a great option to guarantee you get significant extra liability coverage, should you need it. 

This type of insurance policy isn’t required for your daily life, but it provides the extra security and peace of mind that all your bases are covered in any event or situation. Can you really put a price tag on that quality of defense?

Brevard Insurance Agency Inc is here to answer any questions and provide expertise regarding umbrella insurance for residents in the surrounding Brevard, NC area.

Umbrella insurance does exactly what it sounds like it would — extending over and above the liability policies, you maintain on your home, cars, and various other assets. 

How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Me?

It’s a special type of policy that begins where your standard coverage ends, and provides additional support and security should you need it. Say you exhaust your insurance limit before the entire cost is covered – this is where umbrella insurance is beneficial. 

The homeowner’s insurance policy you have provides coverage for your house and the belongings inside the home. The car insurance policy you have protects your vehicle. An umbrella insurance policy covers all of those we mentioned, and then some.

Families in the Brevard, NC area who are debating whether or not they should acquire umbrella insurance should reach out to Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. We’ve built an impressive team of insurance experts who can help you prioritize your needs and make an informed decision on whether umbrella insurance is the right move for you. Contact us to see how umbrella insurance can protect you and your family.

Is your van protected?

The two most important things you need to consider when insuring your van are:

1. How was your van customized?

2. Who customized your van?

We can help navigate the confusing world of van insurance. Remember, depending on the level of customization, simply adding your van to your auto policy may not be the right choice. Let us help you protect what matters because it’s not just the van, it’s the adventure.