Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?

Any number of hazards can befall your rented space when you are a student in college, and renters insurance can help provide a buffer against financial loss. 

Why College Students Need Renters Insurance

College students often have expensive belongings in their apartments, and these can be obliterated during a fire, for example, as kitchen mishaps do occur and can catch an entire building in flames. Water damage from sprinkler systems can wreak havoc on textbooks and electronics, such as cell phones, tablets, and computers. 

It’s important to have a backup plan when you are a college student, and some renters’ policies have provisions that extend to hotel stays when a covered peril renders the rented policy uninhabitable. Your Brevard Insurance Agency Inc representative can go over specific details that would be included in your indemnification. 

College students are not required to obtain a renters policy according to Brevard, NC law, but many make the choice to safeguard their property using this indemnification. In addition, landlords will frequently compel renters to buy a policy, as landlord insurance typically will only apply to the building and not a student’s effects. 

Some Brevard, NC students may live in housing where theft is an issue, and it’s important to do an inventory of your valuables and their approximate values to turn in to your insurance representative. Vandalism can also be a problem, causing monetary setbacks.

Insured students will be responsible for meeting a deductible before their policy pays out, and these amounts are set when the policy is purchased, affecting monthly premium amounts. 

Brevard Insurance Agency Inc Can Help You

Your knowledgeable agent can put together an insurance package to suit your needs, and we ask you to reach out to us for more information by calling, visiting us online, or meeting us in the office.