4 Add-ons to Consider for Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycles have become a popular choice for residents in the US because of their ease of commuting and affordability. Unfortunately, the number of two-wheeler accidents has increased exponentially, hence the need for motorcycle insurance. Standard motorcycle insurance covers general risks, but sometimes you may need to purchase “add-ons” to cover specific risks. Brevard Insurance Agency Inc., serving the greater Brevard, NC community, can help you navigate this vital coverage. 

While several motorcycle insurance add-ons exist, here are four worth your consideration:

Roadside assistance coverage

Sometimes, your bike can break down when you least expect it. The situation can even be worse if the breakdown happens when miles away from your home. Thankfully, you can purchase roadside assistance to rescue you when mechanical or electrical breakdowns occur. This coverage can repair your bike on the spot or tow it to the nearest garage.

Zero depreciation coverage

New bikes often take a lot of hits from depreciation. In light of this, your insurer will compensate you for the bike less the depreciation when your bike is totaled or stolen. If you were to buy a bike similar to yours, you would incur significant out-of-pocket expenses. The good thing is that you can cushion yourself from depreciation by purchasing special coverage.

Umbrella insurance

If you are a high-net-worth individual or at high risk of being sued, you should boost your bike insurance with umbrella insurance. This coverage comes to your rescue when you cause significant accidents whose liability claims exceed your motorcycle liability insurance.

Engine protection coverage

Your standard motorcycle insurance covers engine damage if the cause is a covered loss. However, if waterlogging or an oil leak causes engine damage, you will cover this loss from your pocket. However, an add-on can help you sort out the damage.

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