Cruise with Confidence with Classic Car Insurance in Brevard

Classic car enthusiasts in Brevard, NC, who understand that protecting their most prized four-wheeled investment is a top priority, get classic car insurance. The good news is that insurance professionals at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. can help you choose the best options for coverage! 

Differences Between Classic Car and Traditional Auto Insurance

Although classic car insurance and standard auto insurance are policy types that offer financial protection for cars in the event of an accident, natural disaster, or auto theft, these two insurance products are not the same. 

Many classic car owners make the mistake of thinking that traditional car insurance will provide them with the same level of coverage as classic car insurance for their vintage automobiles. In fact, classic car insurance is designed specifically for older and vintage vehicles. Classic car insurance has a slightly different set of rules for assigning value.

These specialty policies use agreed-upon value instead of the age of the car to determine its real value. 

Standard auto insurance policies may impose driving restrictions and limits on your classic car that can limit your enjoyment or use. On the other hand, classic insurance policies have provisions that allow drivers to take their automobiles out and explore the open road or show their vintage automobiles at classic car shows without restrictions that limit use. 

Get Classic Car Insurance 

Contact the insurance experts at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. when you’re ready to get insurance for your vintage or classic auto. Our classic car insurance professionals can help you choose the best policy to meet your needs based on your car’s unique characteristics.

Knowledgeable insurance agents can also answer frequently asked questions about Brevard, NC insurance and talk to you about bundling insurance policies to get package discounts. 

How Much Can You Drive with Classic Car Insurance?

Don’t let the age of your car stop you from enjoying it. Classic car insurance allows you to protect and use your classic car without worry. Let’s learn about this coverage and how it can benefit you in Brevard, NC.

What Is Classic Car Insurance? 

Classic car insurance is a type of coverage that provides special protection for cars older than 15-20 years. It covers damages to the vehicle that may arise from an accident or other peril, such as weather damage or theft. It also covers liability issues related to the accident. 

Why Do I Need Classic Car Insurance? 

Classic car insurance is essential because it ensures it adequately protects your vehicle in case of an accident or other peril. It provides peace of mind knowing that if something happened to your classic car, you would be covered and not have to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacement parts. 

How Much Can You Drive With Classic Car Insurance?  

The amount of driving you can do with classic car insurance depends on the policy and the type of coverage included in the policy. Most policies will allow for unlimited pleasure use but limit the number of miles driven for business use or events like parades and shows. The best way to find out exactly how much you can drive with your particular policy is by speaking with a representative at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc, – we can provide more information about your specific coverage options. 

Get Coverage For Your Classic Car Today

If you are a classic car owner in Brevard, NC, looking for reliable protection for your vehicle, contact Brevard Insurance Agency Inc today and enjoy knowing that your car is adequately protected while on the road!

How Classic Car Insurance Works

Classic car insurance will provide you with expert service and coverage options that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the owners of classic cars. Some of these options may not be available with a traditional car insurance policy in Brevard, NC. At Brevard Insurance Agency Inc, we strive to provide the coverage you need regardless of the vehicle that you drive.

The most important aspect of classic car insurance is the agreed value coverage. This means that you and your insurance provider agree on the value of your classic car based on an appraisal. Several agencies that offer classic car insurance will also provide specialized coverage for things like repairs from exotic car experts and putting your car on display at an auto show.

Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

Typically, the providers of classic car insurance are familiar with providing coverage in such a specialized area and are more knowledgeable when it comes to the unique needs of someone who a classic car. Additional coverage in this area includes:

  • Auto show medical reimbursement
  • Cash settlement option
  • Increased replacement cost
  • No attendance required
  • Roadside assistance
  • Spare parts coverage

Classic car insurance policies will also typically include the most common auto insurance coverage as well, such as personal injury protection, liability, comprehensive, collision, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Classic Car Insurance Eligibility

Classic car insurance is not designed for recent model vehicles that you use daily. To be eligible for classic car insurance coverage, the car has to meet certain criteria, which may include:

  • A model at least 25 years old
  • A modern muscle car
  • An exotic car
  • A modified vehicle
  • Good condition
  • Parked in a fully enclosed, secure structure
  • Not used for commuting daily
  • Not used for racing
  • Driven no more than a specific number of miles per year

If you need classic car coverage and you are located in the Brevard, NC area, contact Brevard Insurance Agency Inc to learn about the coverage options that we have available for your classic car.

What You Need to Know About Classic Car Insurance

Owning classic cars can be a great hobby and a great investment. Protecting that investment is an important detail to consider. At Brevard Insurance Agency Inc, serving Brevard, NC, we understand that if customers are going to make the best insurance choices, they need the best insurance information. This is why we make it a point to educate our customers on important insurance topics. Today, let’s talk about classic car insurance. Why is it important, and how can you get the best coverage?

Is Auto Insurance Enough?

Classic car enthusiasts understand that a classic cars’ value is not determined in the same way as a regular car. Classic cars require a time and money investment which can sometimes be hard to put a number on. The work that is done on a classic car has a lot to do with its ultimate value. Because the value of classic cars is determined differently, regular auto insurance is usually not sufficient. To have your classic car’s value protected, it will be necessary to sit down with an insurance representative and determine the car’s value. 

Things to Consider

When you talk with an insurance representative concerning your classic car insurance, there are a few things you will want to consider and a few pieces of information which you will need to share. How old is the vehicle? How much of an investment have you made into the car? What would the car’s value be to other collectors? How will the car be stored? How often is the car driven? This information will be help determine how much coverage your classic car will need. 

If you would like to learn more about classic car insurance, please contact our office at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc, serving Brevard, NC.