Why Do I Need Motorcycle Insurance in North Carolina?

Motorcycle owners in North Carolina should be proactive in ensuring their vehicles because it’s against the law not to. If you own a motorcycle and drive it in and around Brevard, NC, you are required to have a motorcycle insurance policy. Failing to do so will result in a fine or confiscation of the bike. 

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Provide Me?

Just as you would insure a car or any recreational vehicle, taking the steps to insure your motorcycle will protect you, the bike itself, and other drivers on the road. Brevard Insurance Agency Inc advises all of their clients to review their motorcycle policy annually to confirm appropriate coverage.

Insurance policies offer protection and coverage in accidents (whether you are at fault or not). They protect you in the event that you need medical care, or if you injure someone else and they need treatment or care. If you are out of work from your accident and are unable to work, your policy may cover that situation. Some policies can also provide coverage if a bike is damaged in an accident, due to severe weather, or if it’s stolen.

Insurance may be considered an unnecessary "what if" in any situation, but if the "what if" happens, you will be relieved that you took the time to be proactive and protect yourself and other drivers. 

Whether you use your bike on the weekends for a quick getaway, for long drives outside of Brevard, NC, or for daily use — maintaining a motorcycle insurance policy is of the utmost importance. If you need assistance finding the right coverage for you, contact Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. Our team of experienced agents can help you build a quality policy that you can rely on.