Why Parents of Teen Drivers Need Umbrella Insurance

You would do anything to protect your family and Brevard, NC home. As a parent of a teen driver, however, just having basic auto insurance might not be enough. Instead, it is definitely a good idea to add an umbrella insurance policy to your coverage mix. Here’s what you need to know.

Why an Umbrella Policy is Important for Parents of Teen Drivers

Essentially, umbrella insurance is a special type of policy that extends over and above the liability insurance policy that you carry on your automobiles, home, and more. While the policies you currently carry might be enough for everyday occurrences, having a teen driver in the household increases the risk if a major accident happens.

As a parent, this means that you are legally and financially responsible if your child is involved in an at-fault incident where someone else is either injured or has a large amount of property damage. In turn, this means that you could be sued for the actions of your teenage driver.

And, while you might think you’ve done everything to ensure your new driver is safe on the road, lack of experience is often the number one cause of teenage driving fatalities around the country. While this is scary to think about, it is a reality that has to be considered.

Umbrella Policies from Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. Offer Extra Protection

As previously mentioned, umbrella policies offer protection above and beyond what the other policies you carry provide. With the added risk and likelihood of your teen driver being involved in an accident, it is just a smart idea to have this additional level of coverage to protect your home and family.

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