Condo Insurance in North Carolina

Buying a condo is a huge investment in North Carolina and other parts of the United States, so it is necessary to protect it against disasters. Therefore, we offer condo insurance at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc, located in Brevard, NC.

The insurance protects your condo unit against certain dangers or disasters like vandalism and fire. In addition, it also protects your belongings against theft and fire. These days, insuring your property is as important as buying the property as well. The number of wildfire cases has increased drastically. Also, remember that your condo is not in isolation. The negligence or carelessness of your neighbors could lead to a fire. Prevention is always better, easier, and smarter than cure.

So, exactly what does condo insurance cover? This type of insurance basically has four types of coverage.

  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Building Property Protection
  • Guest Medical Coverage

Personal Liability Coverage

If someone gets injured in your condo and it is established that you are at fault, you could face litigation and you also must pay the person’s medical bills. This coverage is meant to reimburse you for your legal expenses and pay the person’s medical bills.

Personal Property Coverage

This policy provides coverage for your personal belongings in the condo. Your furniture set, appliances, electronics, and clothes could get burnt, damaged, or stolen. This coverage may help to replace or repair them, depending on what the case is.

Building Property Protection

If your condo unit is damaged by a covered disaster, this coverage will help to put it in order. This coverage will pay for repairs like repainting of walls and replacement of some fixtures.

Guest Medical Coverage

This coverage will pay the medical bills of your guest if he gets injured in your apartment. You seem to be confused. Oh, you are probably going to point out that personal liability coverage (PLC) already makes provision for that. Yes, you are right, but there’s a difference. PLC comes into play if you’re at fault, while the guest's medical coverage does not care whether it’s your fault or not.

For professional advice on choosing a condo insurance policy, you can reach out to us at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc in Brevard, NC. We’ll be too to be of help and service to you.


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