Flood Insurance in North Carolina

Flood insurance is a very important type of property insurance that helps cover damage that occurs during a flood. North Carolina property owners who have houses near rivers, coasts, or flood plains should know how flood insurance works – and if they need it. Our quick guide can help you get started!

Flood Insurance is a Separate Policy

Home insurance covers a variety of events like fires and theft, but it will not cover flood insurance. Flood insurance is a separate policy: It can be bundled with home insurance or purchased separately, but it’s not the same thing as home insurance. Don’t assume that your current policy includes flood insurance without checking.

Flood Insurance May Be Required Based on Location

Flood risks are decided by carefully monitored flood zones, which indicate how likely a flood is in a particular area. If you have property in a flood zone, you may be required by national law to have flood insurance for protection. The same is true when purchasing a property in a flood zone – flood insurance is required after you buy a home.

Flood maps are periodically updated with the latest information. An insurance agent can help you find out if you are in a flood zone if you aren’t sure.

Flood Insurance Coverage Applies Only to Flood Damage

A flood insurance policy will cover your house and possessions, but only from damage directly related to a flood. That means that other types of damage that may occur, such as landslides or rot from flooding will not be covered by this policy.

Flood Insurance Takes Time to Go Into Effect

Flood insurance usually takes 30 days to start affecting your property. This happens so that people don’t go out and buy flood insurance right before a big storm is predicted.

Do you have more questions about flood insurance? Do you want details about what’s required in your area, and how much it may cost? Give Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. a call! We’re happy to help Brevard, NC homeowners find the right policies for their situation.


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