Umbrella Insurance in North Carolina

While other types of insurance cover you against specific situations, umbrella insurance covers you against different types of liabilities. For instance, your auto insurance coverage tied to your car. Your homeowner's insurance policy covers your house and your belongings. But an umbrella insurance policy covers all of them.

At Brevard Insurance Agency Inc in Brevard, NC, we have seen several residents of North Carolina exhaust their insurance limit without covering the whole cost. Here is a typical scenario. One of our clients caused an accident that got three vehicles (including his own) damaged, and five people sustained different degrees of injuries.

The auto insurance policy of this client was grossly inadequate to cover the cost he incurred. Remember, he is legally obligated to fix the third-party vehicles and pay the medical bills of the victims. In addition, he must fix his vehicle as well. Thankfully, he didn’t sustain any injury. What saved this client is his umbrella insurance policy that complemented the total cost.

Umbrella insurance will also protect you against indirect liabilities. If your 19-year-old son knocks someone over or runs into someone’s property with your car, you’ll be liable if he cannot fix the property or pay the medical liability. This is where your umbrella insurance policy comes into play.

That is exactly what the umbrella insurance is meant for. In case of certain lawsuits, your umbrella insurance will refund you the legal fees. At this juncture, we need to make it clear that our umbrella insurance does not cover all lawsuits. It does not cover lawsuits bordering on professional malpractices.

In many cases, the limit on many insurance policies is not enough for the coverage. But policyholders often hope that they are never found wanting until the unexpected happens.

We offer umbrella insurance and we often pay promptly. Once we conduct our investigation and establish the facts, your check will be processed. Also, our policies are very transparent. If you need further information or professional guide on umbrella insurance, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Brevard Insurance Agency Inc in Brevard, NC.


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