Do You Need Renter’s Insurance When Renting From Family?

At Brevard Insurance Agency Inc, we can help people in Brevard, NC, and the surrounding area gets renters insurance. Even if you live with your family and rent a room, you might still want this type of insurance. 

Renting From Family is Still Renting 

When you rent a room from a family member, you put yourself in a unique situation. While you may be related to each other (even in a parent-child relationship), you do not own the home. Unless the homeowner claims your items as belonging to them, what you own is not covered. 

As a result, if a severe accident impacts you and you don’t have renters insurance, you’re going to be in a challenging situation. We understand that it might not seem necessary or wise for you to get this kind of protection. However, it is essential to do things right in this situation.

What Renters Insurance Covers

Renters insurance will cover anything that belongs to you in a home. It does not cover the house’s structure (the homeowner’s insurance policy covers that) but protects anything you own while you rent from others. This can include clothing, televisions, books, and much more. 

Thankfully, this type of policy is surprisingly inexpensive and can be adapted to suit your needs. Many people often find that this policy is an excellent choice until they move out of their family’s house, at which point they’ll need another type of policy to ensure that they are protected from damage.

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