Cruise with Confidence with Classic Car Insurance in Brevard

Classic car enthusiasts in Brevard, NC, who understand that protecting their most prized four-wheeled investment is a top priority, get classic car insurance. The good news is that insurance professionals at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. can help you choose the best options for coverage! 

Differences Between Classic Car and Traditional Auto Insurance

Although classic car insurance and standard auto insurance are policy types that offer financial protection for cars in the event of an accident, natural disaster, or auto theft, these two insurance products are not the same. 

Many classic car owners make the mistake of thinking that traditional car insurance will provide them with the same level of coverage as classic car insurance for their vintage automobiles. In fact, classic car insurance is designed specifically for older and vintage vehicles. Classic car insurance has a slightly different set of rules for assigning value.

These specialty policies use agreed-upon value instead of the age of the car to determine its real value. 

Standard auto insurance policies may impose driving restrictions and limits on your classic car that can limit your enjoyment or use. On the other hand, classic insurance policies have provisions that allow drivers to take their automobiles out and explore the open road or show their vintage automobiles at classic car shows without restrictions that limit use. 

Get Classic Car Insurance 

Contact the insurance experts at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. when you’re ready to get insurance for your vintage or classic auto. Our classic car insurance professionals can help you choose the best policy to meet your needs based on your car’s unique characteristics.

Knowledgeable insurance agents can also answer frequently asked questions about Brevard, NC insurance and talk to you about bundling insurance policies to get package discounts.