How do flood and windstorm insurance differ?

Brevard, NC has a moderate flood risk, with nearly 20% of properties having a greater than 26% likelihood of flooding in the next 30 years. Your decision about flood and windstorm insurance may depend on your home’s exact location and whether you have other properties closer to the coast. Brevard Insurance Agency Inc. is ready to advise you on the insurance coverage that best meets your needs.

Homeowners, Flood, and Windstorm Insurance

To begin, let’s distinguish between homeowners, flood, and windstorm insurance. Homeowners insurance covers unforeseen damage to your home, property, and belongings and generally handles injuries to others on your property. However, your homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage from water entering your home from the street, creeks, or rivers. Instead, flood insurance, which is purchased separately, covers those damages.

Flood insurance may also cover damage due to erosion and mudslides.

Damage resulting from high winds and hail may or may not be covered by your homeowner’s policy, depending on your location. Locations subject to hurricanes generally require separate windstorm insurance to cover those damages. Many areas in North Carolina need windstorm insurance to adequately protect home and vacation properties. 

Of course, none of us control whether or how severe weather will affect our homes and families. Still, we can protect our families against the financial effects of extreme weather by acquiring the right combination of homeowners, flood, and windstorm insurance.

Working with Brevard Insurance Agency Inc.

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