What Happens If You Don’t Have Boat Insurance in North Carolina?

At Brevard Insurance Agency Inc., we help Brevard, NC residents learn everything that they need to know about their boat insurance policies. There are a number of common questions that arise in these instances, and we are here to answer them all. If you have any questions about your boat insurance policy, be sure to read on.

What Happens If Boat Insurance Is Not Obtained In North Carolina?

Brevard residents may note that they are not legally required to obtain boat insurance in the state of North Carolina. However, this is not an advisable stance to take in these instances. There are other circumstances where boat insurance will be mandated. A lender is not going to provide loan approval without it, and any private dock or marina where the boat is being docked is going to ask for proof of coverage as well.

Are There Any Other Reasons To Obtain Boat Insurance?

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, there are other reasons to obtain boat insurance in the state of North Carolina. North Carolina boat insurance policy can provide the necessary assistance if the vessel experiences any sort of unexpected issues. These policies are also very crucial for any boater who likes to bring guests with them out onto the water.

Liability coverage is pivotal as well, as it provides additional coverage that protects the boater and their assets. Belongings may be damaged, injuries may occur, and it is important to have the necessary protection against these potential occurrences.

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