Components of Motorcycle Insurance

Each state has requirements for motorcycle insurance coverage. North Carolina has specific requirements and components of motorcycle insurance for the state. Brevard, NC as well as the rest of the state requires the purchase of liability insurance by motorcycle owners. This includes owners of motor scooters. Proof of this insurance is required by carrying a valid insurance card with you.

The state also has a "Miscellaneous type vehicle endorsement". This means that it can be attached to your personal auto insurance. Using this endorsement then extends to cover your motorcycle as well

Motorcycle Insurance Components 

Liability Insurance

Required by North Carolina law, it covers bodily injury and property damage to the owner and anyone they give permission to drive the covered vehicle or vehicles. So if you give permission for a friend, and your car is covered by liability that extends to your motorcycle, liability covers it according to the NC Department of Insurance.

Medical Payments Coverage

This refers to reasonable necessary costs of medical or funeral expenses.

Collision/Other than Collision 

Collision covers the cost of damage done from the impact accident with another vehicle. Things that damage the vehicle from falling on it, hail. or  animal damage etc. are included in "other than collision"

Mandatory Limits

This component requires a certain amount of coverage to meet financial limits per person and more. Here at Brevard Insurance Agency Inc., we can explain this in detail.

UM/UIM Coverage

North Carolina allows coverage when an uninsured or underinsured person hits your car or motorcycle

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